Profile Updated: October 7, 2008
Residing In: Elon, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Molly Exum
Occupation: Photographer
Children: Isabella "Bella" born 2001
Sawyer born 2003
Yes! Attending Reunion

What I've been up to ... Went to UNC-Chapel Hill. Joined the Sigma Nu's and the Daily Tarheel & kept taking pictures. Followed a camera passion thru the J-school. Met my wife Molly. Studied in Spain and Mrs. Saieed will be happy to know I finally learned Spanish. Took my BA in Journalism and drove out to Boulder Colorado only to find work in Camera store while Jamie Wilde worked at Jiffy Lube. Came back to NC broke but a better skier and worked as the "Chief Photog" for the Citizen News Record in Aberdeen, NC. Spent less than a year and got recruited by Gannett to shoot for Herald Dispatch in Huntington WV. Loved it until Hitler became the new managing editor. Found new position in Prague working for the Prague Business Journal as their Photo Editor. This was an English language Business journal in the Czech Republic. After 2 years in Central Europe came home to start a free-lance photography business. Bought first home and got married under a try to my beautiful wife, Molly Wells Hensley in Haw River, NC. Still taking pictures. Business grew, 2 kids magically joined Molly and I. Found new home in Elon to accommodate 4 instead of 2, Business continues to grow and I keep taking pictures. Check out & my blog link to learn more.

School Story:

My wildest memory was a hunting trip Brian Beck and I took in his enormous Scout or maybe it was a GMC Jimmy. Anyway it was a giant white 4 wheel drive vehicle. He's driving it on a gravel road somewhere not far from his house thru the woods. We're going along at pretty good clip kicking up a lot of dust and I look over and Brian is grinning. So we go a little faster and he's now laughing. The truck starts to fish tail just a little and look over wide-eyed and his still grinning. The fish tailing gets a gets a little bigger. I look over at Brian and he has this "OH-SHIT!" expression on his face. Now the white beast of a vehicle is simply out of control swerving left and right. Finally the damn thing flips on it's side and slides to a stop. Brian, all our hunting crap lands on me on the passenger side. We're stunned, wide eyed and stupified. The words "Holy Shit" probably got repeated a few dozen times before we had the ware with all to call for a tow. Still make my laugh thinking about!

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Bella & Sawyer